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Random Number 99 (1)
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"Random Number 99" is an application which generate the numbers to 99 at random.
Since it displays in a big number, everybody can see.
An operation is easy. A start and a stop only tap the screen.
You can use easily by the bingo game, a small-scale lottery, party, etc.
Probably, a lottery while you sound favorite BGM which you save at iPad will be pleasant.
If iPad is connected to a projector or a loud speaker, force will increase further.
When you use iPhone/iPod touch, I recommend you "Random Number 99".
Please use "Random Number 99 small", when you are using iPad.

Lottery scenery which is using "Random Number 99"

Random Number 99 Privacy Policy
<Acquisition and use of user information>
 This application acquires the music selected by the user from the Media Library and uses it as the background music.
 Other user information will not be acquired and used.
<Provision of user information to a third party>
 This application does not provide the user's personal information to a third party.

#In such cases as the opinion and the question, to tibahiroyasu@bg.wakwak.com.



You tap the red frame. Then, generating of the random numbers starts.
Once again, if you tap the red frame, generating of the random numbers stops.
You can choose the design of the numbers from five kinds.
The random numbers is between is 99 from 1.
You can set up an allow a maximum of 99 or less.
BGM plays between a start and stops.


If you tap the "History" button, you can check the history of the appeared numbers.
The history is two kind of an ascending order and the order of an appearance.