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Random Number 99 (2)
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How to operate

[ Figure 1. Titles screen ]

Figure.1 shows "Titles screen" immediately after a startup.
If you tap the titles or the any button, a titles will disappear and the "Startup Screen" of Figure 2 will be displayed.

[ Figure 2. Startup Screen ]

Figure 2 shows the Startup Screen.
(The Startup Screen of two degree henceforth may differ from this image by setups of the last design etc. )
The designation of each button is as follows.

 Change the design of the numbers. (Figure 2 is the design of a default. )

 Set up the allow a maximum of the random numbers. (the range to 99)

 Choose BGM under random numbers generation.

 The number generated now is canceled and a state returns immediately before.
 When you tap the screen accidentally, you use "Undo" button for correction.

 The numbers generated all is canceled and a state returns to a start.

 Display the history of the random numbers generation.
 You can choose an ascending order or the order of an appearance.

 Display the operation method.

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